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Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 10



Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 13

No, not this time, I’m serious.’


‘What would become of me.’ She said looking devastating.


‘You have to understand, what if you were Ladidi how would you feel.’ She was silent and I just couldn’t imagine what was running through her mind.


This time I will be firm I must stop cheating on my wife, if she’s making an effort I should too.

Nadia was not making it easy for me, infact she claimed to be seeing things that are not there like blood writings on her mirror that disapear at instances in fact she’s been acting deluded like she was on dope or something, the more I tried leaving the worst she got.

One fine day, I went to work just like every other day and everything else was normal, until Mudassar my financial director came into my office sweating and my office is fully air conditioned.


‘Muddasar what is it, is your wife in labour?’ He gave me a look and ignored my statement.


‘There is a big problem.’



Our accounts have been hacked.’


‘What is that, some kind of prank, April has passed.’


‘No we’re going bankrupt, this morning all figures came crashing down, I thought our computers were faulty.’


‘That is not possible, we’ve the best cyber security, it’s not possible.’


‘Yes,I don’t know how but a professional yahoo boy has hacked it stolen half of our entire money.’

How is that even possible, money can’t just fly out of our accounts.’


‘I don’t know but money has gone missing via net transfer.’


I fell on my chiar, my dad entrusted his company to me, I made it flourish and now we’ll all be broke?


‘What do we do, how do we find the money?’


‘We’ll have to investigate, your father and Ahill are co owners they have to be informed.’

My heart was racing, Ahill will finally say that he said so, he should’ve been the boss.


‘Do what ever you have to do Mudassar.’


My phone rang, I ignored but it kept on ringing I took it and smashed it. I was still thinking of what do to get out this mess when Mudassar came back.


‘Sir they’re debts that could run us down faster.’


‘Of course there should be, whats your point.’ I snapped.

We should return that Ferrari and your Bentley muslanne, they were actually bought on installments, that will free us from some millions of dollars.’


‘I already said you should what you’ve to do.’


My secretary came in.


‘Can’t you knock?’


‘I have been knocking since, Sir pls do you know any Miss Nadia Muktari.’

What, how the hell did she know about Nadia


‘Seems like your cell phone is switched off, We got a call from a hospital that you’re listed as her next of kin and she’s been involved in an accident.’


I rushed to the hospital, I was shocked, they said her tire busted and her car went over the bridge but she was rescued on time but in pretty bad shape. I settled the bills and was about leaving when Mudassar came into the hospital panting.


‘Where is your phone?’ He asked.


‘I don’t know.’ Remembering I threw it in my office.

Your house is on fire.’


‘What!!!, how, my house or the office.’


‘No your house where you live is burning.’


Together we rushed home and behold my house was on fire but hopefully only the left wing, I rushed inside shouting for my wife.


‘She don travel.’ My gateman said.



‘Yes she and the pikins and Ladi.’


I went inside, firefighters were already taking care of the fire I found my wife’s phone and a note beneath it, I picked it up before I could read it I heard a loud honk, door banging and brash footsteps.


‘Ahill why are you angry.’ I asked as he stepped in menacingly.


‘You whore.’

Ahill am a man, you don’t call men that. ‘


‘Who cares for your english, you’re a disgrace, in fact you’re dead.’


‘Ahill I can explain and I will get out this mess.’ , he laughed a terifing laughter, I was wondering how badly the missing money affected him.


‘Not bad, porn star.’ He said with a sly smile and left.

Pornstar? What the hell is Ahill talking about, my hands began to sweat, I noticed the note and it read, “ I know you’re sleeping with my friend, but it could’ve been anyone but Nadia???” I was still shaking and thinking how Ladidi found out, and could she have run away when Mudassar tapped me mercilessly.

Boss I need to show you something.’


‘Wait first Mudassar, I need to check something.’ I rushed to our bedroom and checked my wife’s closet, her clothes didn’t seem missing but I found visa applications, I knew she had left me.


‘Mudassar today is the blackest day of my life, my business is ruined, my girlfriend could be dead by now, my house is on fire and my wife left with my kids.’ I placed both my hands on my head.


‘I’m dead.’ I added.


Boss.’ Mudassar’s voice came.

The day has not black finish O!!’


‘What is left, all is lost.


‘One more thing, me and many others received a video of you, may be your wife saw it too.’ I checked her phone immediately and I did see a video of me and Nadia, porn video, Ahill had seen it too and came to gloat, Ladidi had seen this, even Mudassar and many others, a sharp pain cut across my chest and I went into oblivion.

Many stories have been told about great people, it’s a tradition to write about success of people may be they should also write about failure so that people can learn.


These great people don’t live life by themselves, there is always someone who may seem unimportant but without whom these great people could not have survived.


My name is Ladi Bukar T, am a handmaid born to a handmaid and this the story of a handmaid without which I don’t know what would have become of my mistress.

My mother Masi rendered her lifelong services to Hajiya Raaliya, my Mistress’s mother, when I became of age she taught me how to serve people, with number one rule being never ask questions just do what you are asked to do.


My mistress Hajiya Shahnaz is one hell of a mistress, she assumes I can’t speak english and talks all day long in english but speaks hausa to me when I understand every thing she says in English or so I thought, I grew up alongside her, but she never played with me because I was born to a handmaidWhen I got married, I was lavished with so much gifts, you’d think I was lucky but non of them attended my wedding, it was not important, I was given 2weeks break.


2 years later my mistress got married in a ground breaking ceremony, you’d think they plucked money from trees.


I had followed for her shopping as well as her honeymoon, when ever I travelled with her I’d follow her about buying things worth my salary a lifetime.


At her free time she hands me wads of cash to shop for myself.


My journey with my mistress has been quite interesting with me as silent spectator. Her father loved her the most because she was an exact replica of her mother, both are amazingly beautiful, and it got into my mistress’s head and she grew proud and arrogant.

She never does chores, like never, not even to cover her cream after applying it to her skin, I had to do it, I washed even her undies, with machine though.


We travelled together whenever she was going to have her baby which she always did outside the country for reasons best known to her.


Once she had a tiff with her husband, she ordered me to pack her things and we went back to her father’s house.


There she got the shock of her life when her father sent her back, since then she knew how to thread on her husband’s path though we spent a considerable time in the hospital several times when she “misbehaved”.


One strange day she decided to wake up early, that was not all she even did laundry ruining her husband’s clothes almost getting Makun the laundry guy fired. To top it she went to the kitchen too and almost burnt down the house trying to Cook.

What ever she was upto, she suceeded because her husband fell for it.


I won’t forget when her friend brought pastors to pray for her, the look on her face was satisfying because we all thought she deserved it, but she lashed back with fury setting the lady up badly and disgracing her publicly.


I was curious when she asked me to clean out a room in a part of the house no one uses, I couldn’t check cause she carried the key about, then came her suspicious movements and phone calls and I kept wondering what she was upto.


Her behaviour became extremely secretive, even though she assumed I couldn’t speak english she stopped answering her calls infront of me.


Days went on and she became stranger spending more and more time either in that room or outside the house.

One day she gave me lots of money to give my family, that we are travelling and I should pack light for all six of us, her four kids me and her.


We went to the airport with a strange car, stopping in front of an estate for a while where she went in to do something.


Then we headed to the airport and boarded a plane, on the plane my mistress passed out.

She was first noticed by an attendant who raised alarm and the plane made an emergency landing in somewhere they said Porthacourt, so she could get medical attention.


We left the airport in an ambulance with our luggage and went straight to a hospital, my mistress was wheeled in, and I a handmaid without any form of formal education, who understood english but never speak was left with four arrogant children who thought of me as shit, an unconscious mistress and english speaking doctors.

What will I do???????




The doctors took her into a room with red signs on top, I can’t read so I dont what it meant, they kept staring at her, even almost dying she was haughtily beautiful. One of them came out and spoke rapid english, the accent was very different from my mistress’s, I didn’t understand so I just stared, she waited for my reply when she didn’t get she left and returned with another.


‘Madam we need identification for documentation.’

No one has ever called me madam, no one has ever addressed me with respect before I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know the meaning of identification for documentation, though I understood most things my mistress said I never spoke english how do I ask for the meaning.



I was scared but I knew I had to speak English, so I swallowed hard and I spoke english for the first time.


‘Wwwhat is is identification and documentation?’ I was shivering, I dont know if they noticed.

The nurses and doctors gasped.


‘A name.’ The second doctor said.


I swallowed again, Shah, I stopped I’d never call her name before, am a married woman with kids, never thought I had all these insecurities, maybe its because I never speak back or ask questions.



‘Is there a card eye deeeee carrd.’ The second doctor said gesticulating.


I nodded and surfed my mistress’s bag and produced many cards, they surfed through it took one and left, a while later another came and said.


‘Paiment.’ Gesticulating with her fingers,





How much.’


‘Follow me.’ I did and I payed from my mistress’s bag.


Then I remembered her kids, they were still in the waiting area, I ran there, these were kids that have never experienced anyform of discomfort in their lives, they looked devastating sitting in the waiting area, they looked so pitiful as they stared into nothing, lost in a world new confrontations.


Thanks to Sakki their nanny, they understood hausa perfectly, I asked if they were hungry, they nodded, I took our luggage, we proceeded outside where I stopped a taxi.


They looked at me with awful eyes, they have never entered a car but it was a luxury car, they stared till I told them to get in, Asad jnr, and the twins stayed at the back seat, their discomfort clearly visible on their faces, I sat in the front with Amir on my laps.

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