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Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 11



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Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 11 – Asad pls tell him to take us to good restaurant.’ He looked at me like I’d committed a crime to ask him to do something.

You I know I can’t speak english.’ He seemed satisfied with the explanation and spoke to the driver who noddede and took off.


We went to a restaurant that looked big and expensive, we got a table and they ordered when it was my turn I looked at the expectant waiter and nodded no english, then Nazia said she would help me order, I was surprised but took the help anyway.


After eating she read out the bill for me, and I payed from my mistress’s bag, I ate on the same table with them, that was the first time.

knew we needed a place to sleep, so I tried asking one the waiters for a hotel, this time Shazia spoke and after sometime the waiter showed us a stair case. ‘This place is a hotel we can lodge here.’ Shazia told menand we booked a grand suit that had 3 rooms in one, I told the twins to stay in one Asad in one and my self and Amir in the last one.



‘Ammi , where is my Ammi.’Amir cried.


‘She is in the hospital, you will stay with Asad I will go to her now.’


I wanted to go back to the hospital, then I remembered I didn’t know the name of the hospital, I didn’t even know the name of the place we were, I came back upstairs and asked Asad jnr if he knew the name of the hospital, he said he didn’t read the signs.


I went back and tried to communicate with the receptionist, all to no avail because of the language barrier after sometime I went and picked the sleeping Amir and went to my room.


I didn’t know how to get back to the hospital, my mistress was lost, I checked her bag, their was loads of cash and cards, the cards she inserted into machines and money came out.



The kids kept asking for their mother, I kept lying that she was still in the hospital and every morning I will go from hospital to hospital trying to find her, I took the card of the hotel from the reception and that was how I got back to the hotel, we kept staying at the hotel where I was referred to as madam, and it occured to me that my title of hand maid was on hold as I had become the mistress since it was I who was calling the shots.

You’re good for nothing.’


‘Yes I know, where is your good for something son, messed up.’


‘You’ll never be half the man he was.’


‘Yes I agree, especially under women’s skirts.’


‘How am I not sure you orchestrated his downfall.’

Nooooo he did this himself, all by himself, infact am done handling your broke company agree that you’re broke.’


This has been going on for ages since Asad suffered a heart attack, a scandalous video of him went viral, he lost half of his fortune and his wife left with his kids.


Mr Raza and his son Ahill chose the hospital to air their dirty fight since when he took over the company in absence of his brother, things went from bad to worse for the company, Ahill could not do anything to save the company and he blamed everything on Asad’s mistakes.

Baba please, Ahill you people should control yourselves, you can do this at home.’ Sanam’s gentle voice said, she had just come in with two stern looking doctors.


‘Is it not Baba he can’t face the fact that his beloved son has ruined.’

think you should leave.’ Sanam said.


‘It is better, even I want him out of here.’ Mr Raza said.


‘Both of you, the hospital will appreciate if non of you ever visit again please, this time we’re serious.’


They both left, just then Abhas came in and I used that opportunity to leave the room.


Sanam joined us at the cafeteria apologising profusely for what happened inside.’

It’s okay my wife and I are practically family.’ Abhas said.


I knew Abhas heard everything from outside the room, A car screeched on driveway, we all knew it was Ahill.


Their attitude was the reason Asad has refused to open his eyes, the reason why he pretends to still be sick when he has recovered.


‘Nafisa any news about Shahna…….’


I nodded in negative, Abhas pushed his plate, he was very disturbed about his sister going missing the day everything went down.



When we received a call from Mudassar to come to the hospital, the first person we asked after was Ladidi.


‘She’s not here Mudassar said.’


‘Why, how do you know?’

It’s a long story and he told us how things started to go wrong from missing funds to hospitalised mistress to burning house the video and finally Ladidi’s note which he showed us and visa applications.


It was a terrible day, Abhas had seen the video and he thought Ladidi was somehow justified to run as she couldn’t face the society.



Months have passed and Asad prefers to sleep all day and cry at night on his hospital bed, we knew he had recovered but was not strong enough to face the world.


‘You known it’s surprising how everything went down, like it was all planned.’ Sanam said.


‘Yes it seems so, but who could have done it.’ Abhas asked.


Silence came upon us as we were all immersed in our thoughts.


Sanam’s phone beeped she checked and excused her self.

Nafisa what do you think really happened? Abhas asked me.


I can’t say, but it’s fishy, this seemed planned to the core.




As we went home, I thought of Ladidi, she was not my best sister inlaw, she told me to my face that I was ugly, that my feet were as big as Adnan’s and that I charmed her brother but I didn’t. The only reason Abhas treated me differently was because I was a different woman from them, had I been an affluent and arrogant woman like Ladidi then Abhas would have treated me like Asad treated her.


Ladidi is the most beautiful of all my sister in laws, the most arrogant and the most loved, she walked the world like she owned it I often wondered if she will ever be taught a lesson to make her humble.



She came to me seek advice which I gave and she came back and told me it worked that Asad had changed, and everything was alright, at that time I was under duress myself as the love of my life was marrying again, I later knew it was his friend’s widow and he felt obligated to help, he could have taken care of all their expenses that should not have included warming her bed but at the long run I understood she was human and would need to be loved too.

Tanko’s forehead creased more by the passing second, as if he was being drawn into a bottomless pit. Abhas and I waited patiently for him to talk finally he did but not what we expected.


‘This is strange, really strange.’ He said like we didn’t already know.


‘We know that, have you found my sister?’ Abbas asked, his forehead with more creases than Tanko’s.




‘What have you been doing all these months? we need to find her.’ Abhas yelled.



‘I have tried my best, to see all the people that left the country that day, your sister did not leave the country that day or any other day after that, it seems those applications were meant to mislead whoever tried to look for her she doesn’t want to be found, those visas were never approved.’ Tanko said defensively.


‘So what should we do?’ Abhas asked again calming down.


‘Investigate everything, it seems to have a connection with all that happened.’


‘Then start.’


‘If you can answer some questions, they might seem personal but I’ll need your cooperation.’

‘Go ahead, we’ll answer anything.’


‘How would you describe your sister.’


‘You have her picture.’


‘Yes I do, I meant attitude.’


The first thing that came to my mind was arrogant and vindictive, yea I remember the fishy way Lami was disgraced at Tanveer’s party and the look of satisfaction on Ladidi’s face but I said nothing to Tanko.

She’s, she’s very, well what do I say Nafisa help me out.’


‘Arrogant and vindictive.’ I said before I could control myself.




‘Does she have computer knowledge?’


‘Who doesn’t?’ Abhas barked.

She studied cyber security and is very conversant in cybernetics.’ I added ignoring Abhas.


‘Are you saying she stole Asad’s money?’




‘Then what are you driving at.’


‘Nothing, that will be it today I will get back to you when I find something.’

When Tanko left, I was afraid that my fears would come true, that Ladidi could be actually responsible for all this, but how could she destroy her own family. I needed to investigate, I could make a good start by Tanko’s report since I will see it from a different angle. Luckily every copy of the reports was in Abhas’s study.


The transaction of Asad’s missing money had an IP address of Asad’s house, why will it happen there and the IP address for the video was Nadia’s estate something was sure fishy.


Both fires were termed as arson, I didn’t have a copy of Nadia’s report I needed to get one from the hospital and police to see how it correlates, if not why should it all happen in one day and within a short span of time, and if Ladidi was in the country she could have seen in news how husband’s business was in trouble, she should care unless if she was responsible for it.


The police were easier to tackle than the hospital with money all the info was available, I had to pretend to be investigating the accident to gain access to the hospital reports.



She was under influence of narcotics and opioids, had almost drowned but she survived and was recoperating now and the police suspected that it was attempted murder as a bullet hole was found in one of her tires but they left it halfway.


The bugging thing was that I couldn’t put together the drugs and Nadia’s attack with Ladidi.


Asad finally left the hospital and was taking his responsibilities back, but he remained a shadow of himself and was keen on finding his wife as much as Abhas, he had been conversed with Tanko for almost 4 hours a day and has spent almost all day in Abhas’s study looking over Tanko’s reports.


‘Won’t you eat?’ I asked looking at the food I served him since.


‘How can I eat when my wife and kids are missing.’ He said dejectedly.

You have to take care of yourself, you have just returned from the hospital.’


‘Thank you Nafisa, you and Abhas have been very kind, I can’t pay you back.’


‘It’s okay, Just try and eat.’ I said turned to leave.


‘Please wait .’ he said and I stopped and faced him, his was a picture of worry, sadness and everything bad, I pitied him.


‘Someone did all this to punish me .’ he said.

Well .’ I started but he cut me short.


‘Supposedly it’s so why, what is the magnitude of my offence to get such a punishment.’


‘Did you know Nadia was on drugs?’ I diverted the topic cause lately all clues were pointing at Ladidi.


‘No I never saw her, but I suspected with her changing attitude.’ He answered.


The conversation ended when Abhas came and it switched to business and how to save the company which Asad was already doing a good job at saving

Allah ya raya, I will come to Porthacourt first flight tomorrow.’ I squeaked into the phone.


‘My sister Haya has put to bed.’ I told Abhas when he looked at me questioningly.


Haya’s baby was running temperature, we went to the hospital, while Haya was with the doctor I was waiting in the lobby when I saw a familiar lady clutching to a prada bag strangely, She seemed lost and just looked on as if trying to recognise someone.


I walked up to her and placed my hand on her shoulder, before she turned I knew it was Ladi and I knew the search for Ladidi had ended.



I just could not comprehend what Ladi was saying, she claims she hadn’t seen Ladidi since months, I followed her to the hotel and met the kids, and the first thing they asked about was their parents.


They looked worn out and thin, I left them to look for their mother.


From the airport I was directed to the hospital there I was told where ladidi was and my worst fears came true, she was not just responsible for destroying her family but must have learnt her lesson.

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