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Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 8



Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 13

Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 8 – I found where she kept her undies, I brought out a spray bottle from my hand bag accidentally it poured on me, I panicked and rubbed it on my skin.

It contained a mixture of hard and illegal drugs Ghazali had supplied me, I had mixed it with water to make its effects slow but sure, I sprayed her undies, her clothes and shoes, with an amount I was sure her skin will definitely absorb, as I sprayed a little amount of it kept splashing on me, next I went to her toilet and injected the same thing into her face wash, bath gel, cleanser and all her cosmetics I avoided the hand wash cause Asad was going to use it.

Her kitchen was next, I wanted to do the same to her food stuff, but I thought what if Asad should eat with her, I checked her fridge there I found orange juice, Asad does not take orange, he was allergic to it, I injected it in every one of the juice pack.

Since I graduated from school, I had never used my knowledge for anything except for pranks, days ago as I mixed LSD and heroin and other incriminating drugs in a bottle, risking my self as bits kept splashing on me and I must have inhaled some too.

I thought of another way to keep tabs on Asad, by planting wireless micro cams in Nadia’s bedroom to see what goes on in there, I was about placing the cam when I heard someone fiddling with the door, the owner of the house was home, what Will I do.

She was already inside, I couldn’t escape now, I heard as her footsteps approached the room. I quickly squatted behind the bed.

Nadia got into her room, and checked herself in the mirror, sprayed herself with more perfume added more lipstick to her lips that were fat already and entered the toilet.


An Idea struck me, she would soon be mad any ways, it wouldn’t be bad if the symptoms start today. I got up and hurriedly wrote on the mirror with her max lipstick. ” you bitch your end is near”, I went back to my position, seconds later she emerged and she saw it and let out an ear piercing scream and ran out.


I quickly got up, took out one of her undies and cleaned it and went back to my position. She came in with Asad.

She walked timidly behind Asad, I stifled a laugh as they both went to the mirror and it was clean.


‘Where is it?’ Asad asked

It was here.’




‘On the mirror.’


‘Nadia it seems you’re loosing your mind.’


‘No Asad it was here, when I came out of the toilet.’

What about before you went in?’


‘It wasn’t there.’


‘Are you doing this because of what I said?’


‘No.’ She shook her head vigorously.


‘Look Nadia, you have to understand why am taking that decision.’

She started crying and Asad hugged her, if any of them had looked behind they would have seen me.


They left and I continued what I came for, putting the cams on four corners so as to get a full vantage of everything that went down.


I smiled as I left the house, because I was going to make a movie of Asad and his lover.

Sometimes you think getting even gives the happiness that eluded you when you were cheated, but it isn’t so, cause I can only feel more pain even though my plan is at the verge of success, retrieving the cams were as dangerous as putting them there.

The good thing about cyber security is that there are always loop holes, and I studied cyber security. I managed to hack Asad’s accounts and half of his fortune will be transferred to a new one soon.


Though the making of the movie was successful the audio was bad and it wasn’t easy watching Asad making love to another woman, I thought I was prepared but it shattered me completely, I still made the clip anyway.


He has been stressed lately, it must have been from Nadia’s deteriorating mental health from the drugs I poisoned her with, I’ve also heard rumors that Lady is going mad, soon they will visit the hospital and the drugs will be discovered and that will definitely create a big rift between them.


But that’s not all I have in store for them, their sex video will go on air and Asad will go nearly bankrupt, he prided himself with his family and business that I will take away from him.

looked around the room, at all the things that facilitated my plans, if they were to be found I’d definitely be implicated so I had to destroy all evidences, for that too I had a plan. I took out my phone and called Brunkus our driver.


‘Brunkus go and get my kids from school.’ I orderd with urgency.




‘No all of them.’

When he left I gave Ladi a substantial amount to give her family as we would be travelling and would be away for a pretty long time. When she she returned I told her to pack light for all six of us, while she did that I left to finish what was left,


I parked infront of Nadia’s estate and sent her a text that Asad has had an accident and she should go to garki general hospital now, with her degrading mental health I knew she would get into her car immediately and leave and she did, I followed her, I retrieved the gun from the glove compartment and set it towards her car, though it was moving I aimed at her tires, I was determined and my focus from there, I pulled the trigger and one of her back tires busted with a loud thud, and the car tumbled. The gun slipped off my fingers and caused a confusion for me, I swivelled into the opposite lane and narrowly missed an head on collusion with an on coming vehicle. I parked in time to see the last air bubble as her car sank into the lake, people had gathered and their were low murmurs, some men had jumped into the lake to attempt rescue, I dropped the gun tied in a cloth into the lake and left.


When I got home Ladi and the kids were all set, Ladi had followed all the orders diligently.


‘Ammi where are we going ?’ Asad Junior asked.



From there where ?’


‘It’s a surprise.’


‘Ladi you all should go the venza outside, put all the luggages in there and wait for me,don’t talk to the driver.’


‘Why ?’ Shazia one of my twins asked me.


‘Because I said so.’ I barked, I was feeling giddy from what I didn’t know and she is asking me a silly questionWhen they left I went to the left wing and poured gasoline all over it, at the door I smiled as I threw a lighter and the flames rose and chased each other raising rapidly heading for destruction.


I had hidden all the visas in a place Asad will see and left a note on the table saying, “I know you’re sleeping with my friend but it could have been any other person, but Nadia ???” and my phone pressed it down, that was to make Asad feel guilty with our departure. I headed to the car and Ghazali drove me to Nadia’s estate. I went to the apartment I rented and sat in front of a laptop everything was set, all I had to do was press the enter button and Asad’s scandalous video would be sent to half of his staff, his father, his brother Ahil, my father, my brother Abhas, Myself, I left my phone, so when he sees the video in my phone he’d think someone had set him up, and lastly his beloved sister Sanam.


I took all the laptops and gadgets I used to Nadia’s apartment and poured gasoline over everything, I threw a lighter in there and hurried to the waiting car and Ghazali sped off taking us to Nnamdi Azikiwe airport. We alighted and headed straight for check in, I gave our tickets and soon we on board and the plane took off.


Silence engulfed us as if as if a silence spell was cast on the plane.


As the plane ascended I knew the roofs of both Nadia’s house and our left wing would have caved in, and nothing would be salvageable anymore. A wicked smile spread across my lips as I imagined Asad going through a series of shock, from the news of his lover’s death to the missing money then his house on fire and finally that his family his pride had left him.

was feeling light and woozy, I felt as if I was ascending with the plane,as if I passed the plane in flight, and a darkness spell fell over me and everything went black

My dear esteemed readers, thank you for following the series.


So far the story has been from Ladidi’s perspective but now her husband Asad will be the one narrating his side of the story.






I really can’t define love, if it is what I felt for lina, the woman I thought was most the beautiful before I met my wife or my wife who is actually the most beautiful woman I’ve laid my eyes on.

Lina and I had it all. I loved her and she loved me and I was ready to marry though we already had intimate relations with each other and according to my brother Ahill, if you ever sleep with a woman write her out of marriage list.


Lina was an ideal partner, she cared about me and took care of me as if I were a child, I felt complete with Lina.


Everything went on smoothly, we had plans to get married as soon as we were done with school.


When I graduated, she had a year left and I promised I’d come back for her, but fate had other plans for me. Upon my arrival in Nigeria I was burdened with more than I could imagined.


We were seated in our living room, holding the meeting that changed my life forever, ealier Ahill had boasted to me about Baba’s plans to betroth a certain lady to him, and I asked why he wouldn’t woo the lady himself, he then explained to me the rules, the ladies are hidden and their fathers would kill them if they go against his rules.

So they’re like subjected to injustice, lack of freedom.’ I had said.


‘No, what the hell are you talking about, they are their father’s pride, even our sisters would not marry except for a man that our father chooses.’ Ahill had replied with all seriousness, though I didn’t understand his point of view I let it be, cause Ahill argues blindly.


The lady of his dreams happens to be a belle in which reports have reached us that was breathtakingly beautiful and very rich, I was not interested because I had Lina.


The outcome of the meeting was not taken well by Ahill, first my Dad handed me his entire businesses, not to inherit but manage and I became the CEO of Raza holdings, but we had a financial tiff, and we weren’t eligible to take a lone, instead we had to affix temporarily with another company to pull us through. Also he said my marriage had been fixed with his friends daughter, that friend happens to be our financial source and that lady was the subject of Ahill’s interest.


I was shell shocked. ‘Baba you can’t take such important decision without my consent, no I can’t accept.’



‘Are you sure?’


‘Yes let Ahill marry first.’


‘Hmmm you don’t have a choice because the father chose you.’


‘Baba you can’t do this.’


‘Meet her first you’ll thank me later.’ My father insisted.



‘There will be no need for that , my mind is made up.’


‘Just meet her first, if you don’t like her I’ll call off the alliance.’


Well that Was how I went to meet Shahnaz, I could now understand why My father said I would thank him later. She was so beautiful, it could hurt the eyes, there was no way I wouldn’t accept such a ravishing beauty. I had gazed at her so much, my wine glass fell off my fingers, the following day I sent a detailed email to Lina that I had no choice. She replied that she could understand and that was the last time we contacted eachother so I betrayed my brother and Lina.

took over the reins of our company and it flourished greatly and I married shahnaz and cruised the world around with her for our honeymoon. What alarmed me was that she couldn’t do anything, she had this maid that did virtually everything for her. That was not all she turned out to be the most arrogant person I’ve ever met, she even referred to my friend as a pig even before I married her, her only saving grace was her beauty, which allowed her to get away with so many things until I had my fill.


Am not proud to have raised my hand on her but, I had no choice or so I thought, and that was the only way I could subdue her.

People started refering to me as Shahnaz’s or Ladidi’s husband, at first it wasn’t bad but coming home and meeting an insolent wife who would not even cook and would not even clean and I am very particular about orderliness, when something is out of place it drives me out of my senses, it became really annoying and I let out my anger on her, and I know it wasn’t fair.


One rainy day I was driving when I passed a figure who waved desperately on the road side, I didn’t want to stop for the fear that it could a ghost or something.

Then it hit me that I’d seen the lady before so I made a u turn and behold it was my wife’s friend Nadia, she had participated very actively at our wedding and she attended the naming of all my children.

I gave her a lift, but my nerves were burning at sight of her wet clothes on my leather seat and her muddy shoe in my car so I stopped over at a nearby hotel and booked a room.

She was bewildered, but surprised when I told her to clean up and that I’ll get her something to wear while her clothes got cleaned.

2 hrs later her clothes arrived from the drycleaners. During those two hrs we sat and stared for One and half hour and then we started talking, she didn’t seem a bad woman.

I excused her and she dressed and I drove her home, 3 months later I met her again she told me her husband had divorced her because her brother in law had seen us that day at the hotel and misinterpreted the whole story.

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