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Wasted Years In Education Episode 1



Wasted Years In Education Episode 1

Wasted Years In Education Episode 1 – Gbenga sat at the edge of his seat, his seat was twisted sideways and facing his colleague Turi who was also sitting on the edge of her table facing him, they were having a baseless conversation which made Turi giggle at intervals. Gbenga could not help but notice how short her gown was, her long legs were exposed, his eyes scanned it down to her bright red colored toes which were mashed into a peep toe.

She crossed and uncrossed perhaps so he could have a better vantage.

Their office occupied four of them, he and Turi were jisting, Ahmed the third person was typing away on his computer and was not listening to them Turi made funny faces at him, Halima the fourth person was staring at a file and stuffed lays into her mouth from time to time she had a waste basket by her side which was half full with wrappers of lays, packs of fast food, chocolate and sweet papers, her drawer had more of the items she was munching, she seemed to bring out a new one when one finished. When Halima left the office to the ladies, Turi’s eyes trailed her she as she left.

‘She has grown fatter.’ Turi said.


Like she’s finally pregnant, look at the way she’s eating.’


‘Ahhh about time like 2 years since she got married, that her husband has been behaving like a frog.’


‘What is your own Gbenga, marry first lets see what you can do.’ Ahmed said turning away from his computer.


‘Ahh my own is sharp sharp, my ex Ethiopian girlfriend got pregnant for me four times.’



‘Guys!!! Simi squealed as she entered their office.


Ehh Simi, who is inside Oga’s trouble today.’ Turi asked.


‘You look gorgeous this morning Simi.’ Gbenga cooed as his eyes scanned Simi shamelessly.


‘Don’t let him deceive you o, he has four kids already.’ Turi said.

Gbenga ahhh.’ Simi said covering her mouth with her hand.


‘Abeg o she’s lying.’ He defended himself.


‘But you just said that your ex girlfriend conceived for you four times.’


‘Yes but we got rid of it, I wonder who will marry her and if she can ever conceive again.’


‘Chai, nawa for you o!, see how said casually.’ Ahmed said disgusted.

Any way guys, Musa proposed to me yesterday.’ Simi said wriggling her fingers and flashing the 22 carat solitaire that now graced her fingers.


‘Congrats my dear.’ Ahmed said smiling at her.


‘It’s about time, Musa has had enough free ride, high time he puts a claim on it.’ Gbenga said and Simi giggled.


‘Owww congrats.’ Turi said at last, her voice sounded high pitched, like she was feigning enthusiasm.


‘Thank you Simi said and hugged her

Close your mouth Turi.’ Gbenga said.


‘See Gbenga mind your self o.’ Turi said wagging her index finger towards him.


Just then Halima came back and Simi hugged her from the door, ‘Guess what.’ She squealed and before Halima could answer she said, ‘Musa proposed to me.’ And displayed her fingers again.


‘Congratulations, ahh I’m happy for you.’ Halima said still holding Simi’s hand.


Remaining you o, Turi, even that youth copper chick wears a ring now, tell him to buy you a ring even if it is not expensive.’ Gbenga said, Turi jerked her head towards him, she’d started working since Simi’s announcement.

Gbenga mind your own business, mind your four children am sure it is aboki ring that you’ll buy for your wife.’ Turi said heatedly.


‘Gbenga shut your dirty mouth.’ Ahmed added he could see that Turi was hurt.


‘Gbenga don’t talk to my chief bridesmaid like that or your four children will be your last cause we’ll castrate you.’ Simi said which made everyone laugh.


Gbenga you’ve four kids.’ Halima asked.


‘No don’t mind them na bad belle.’

His ex girlfriend aborted his baby four times.’ Turi said.


‘Turi abeg na joke I dey joke.’ Gbenga said.


‘Well you said it yourself.’ Ahmed said.


‘You know men like you should be locked up.’ Turi told Gbenga.


‘I didn’t force her, it was a mutual decision she had a hand in it too.’

Gbenga if you didn’t intend to marry her why did you impregnate her four times? Simi asked.


‘It was a mistake.’


The first, the second, third and fourth? Ahmed asked.




‘But Gbenga you seem unfazed, like you don’t regret it.’ Simi said.

No, did I force her.’ He asked.


‘There is something called karma though, it could catch up with you.’


‘I don’t blame Gbenga shaa, its the lady I blame.’ Halima said


‘Why so Halima.’


‘First of all she dated Gbenga, secondly she got pregnant for him not once, twice or thrice but four times, she could’ve left him, even Gbenga’s name is repulsive enough to make her puke.’ She addedHaba, Halima, my sexy name.’


‘I wonder why some women would allow men like Gbenga to use them, I would rather stay single than date a man like that.’ Turi said.


‘Leave that thing Turi, women are like flowers, they’d wilt without a man, they would become wilted flowers.’ Gbenga said ccondescendingly.


‘You’re wrong, couples complement each other.’ Ahmed said.


‘You’re just a feminist.’

No I’m not, if you ever meet the right woman you would understand.’


‘There is a letter for you.’ A clergy man said handing an envelope to Gbenga as he read the letter an evil smile spread across his face.


‘Finally.’ He said, he took his phone and called his Fiancé Benazir.


‘It has happened.’ He said.

Aida gazed at herself in the mirror, her lovely brown and curly hair which she inherited from her Ethiopian mother fell on her shoulders, her lovely brown skin which was from both Nigerian Dad and foreign mom glowed.


She had changed the shade of her lipstick three times, this time it was orange red, she felt it too conspicuous. Effe should be tired of waiting by now, she had spent almost 20 mins checking and rechecking herself. With a sigh she wiped it off and used a darker shade.


It was Effe’s fault he told her they would visit a special place and she desperately wanted to be that special somebody for Effe even though she knew she wasn’t good enough.

Her saviour’s voice rang back with love as she told her years ago. “Any man who loves you should love you for who you are and you’ll meet that special someone to whom you’ll be special too, there is one made for everybody.” Aida had believed her, maybe because she was desperate at that time and needed such reassurances even if she knew it was a lie.


‘Finally out.’ Effe said when she finally emerged from the room.

guess.’ She said smiling, her thoughts about how the special outing would be were embarrassing her.


She was surprised when they pulled up in front of a hospital creases appeared on her forehead.


‘You okay? Effe asked.


‘Yeah, what are we doing here, is someone sick?





‘Hospitals make me very uncomfortable.’


‘Sorry about that, we’ll take less than hour.’

An hour that’s longer than visiting a sick person.’


Effe smiled, kissed her on the forehead held her hands and said, ‘just relax, we’ll be fine.’


‘Why are we here if someone is not sickErmmm I thought we should get our HIV statuses checked.’


She raised an eye brow. ‘Really, if that was the case you could’ve have told me from my place.’


‘Hey I’m sorry, I thought it would be a surprise, hope you’re not angry.’


‘No, although it’s weird surprise but what if I know my status and can produce evidence.’


‘Well I could also do the same but what if we just get it directly from a doctor?

‘Hmmm so we know that it is not its not forged.’


‘Exactly my point.’ He said with a small laugh.


‘The thing is coming to a hospital of your choice then is a luxury we can’t afford.’




‘You could have your results altered.’ She said with a serious face, a short moment of discomforting silence followed before they both busted into laughter.

Aida was not at ease not because of the test she was about to take but about her love life, she felt Effe didn’t have a right to drag her down here without prior notice. Yet she followed him into the hospital willingly even though odds were in his chances with them being at the hospital of his choice.


Her last relationship lasted five years, it turned out to be the biggest mistake of her life, she received scars which will remind her for the rest her life for how conceding she had been perhaps stupid. Yet she has found herself on the same part again doing everything a man who had no right what so ever over her wanted.

She consoled herself with the fact that Effe and her Ex were two different people. He was very considerate of her feelings, her Ex was not, he cared enough to ask her about herself and even listened to her.


Her Ex could never stop talking about himself, about how much he would inherit if his childless uncle passed away, how handsome he was and how the girls he dated before could not have enough of him and kept coming back.

last but not th least and worst of all his crimes he felt he owned her and could take her anytime without prior notice and without appropriate protection. He left the matter of protection sorely to her and when the mistakes happened he blamed her. And here was Effe confirming their statuses before he could think of consummating their love, no they weren’t the same she assured herself.

The antiseptic smell and depressing walls nauseated her, she sat while Effe went about some business, later he came back and called her. She followed him into a consulting room, it looked more like a corporate office except for the examination bed, by size and furniture with the large round table and comfy chairs, a sofa by the side with a flat screen.


The doctor was all smiles as she greeted them and talked to Effe with familiarity, she was too carried away to the past to keep track of their conversation.


‘Young lady I’m glad you both took this decision, it tells how responsible you both her.’ Dr Inyang said.


‘Actually it was his decision not ours.’ Aida answered.

Excuse me.’


‘I mean erm.’


‘Its okay we are here for the test that’s what matters.’ Effe said and knock came from the door.


‘Come in.’ Dr Inyang said her attention averting from Aida.


A young lady in a lab coat came in she greeted all of them and waited for Dr Inyang to give her signal before she started taking their blood samples.

The lady deliberately let cleavage show while taking Effe’s sample, Aida saw how he averted his eyes when he noticed, though the girl took longer while taking Effe’s sample he did not let his gaze wander there a second time

So much for a special outing, seems like you know the doctor very well.’ She said as she strapped her seatbelt when they were back in the car,


‘Yea she worked together with my mom for a quite a long time.’


‘Your mom is a doctor?’

Yes, I’m really sorry that I didn’t inform you before hand.’


‘It was childish did you think that I might run away or freak out?


‘No I thought you’d be offended if I asked?


‘I’m not offended about the tests, we already have the results but for the fact that you didn’t inform me.’


He held his ears, made a funny face and said in funny voice, ‘Please I’m sorry

Its okay, your coming here shows signs of being raised by a doctor.’ Aida said, she couldn’t help laughing.


‘No to think of it was crazy, I’m really sorry.’ Effe said again in a more serious tone and face, she just nodded.


Aida smiled, Effe’s innocence bothered her if only he knew about her past, she wondered what will happen when he found out.


She shuddered at the thought. Her past was horrible, the secret she’s had to keep was dirty and she knew Effe deserved better.

But how could she tell him, what if he left her and a woman is a like a flower she’d wilt without a man.

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