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Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 4



Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 13

Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 4 – I was looking outside the window when I saw Asad’s silver Cadillac making its way into our estate like compound, it was followed by a Lincoln navigator jeep, and I knew Asad had come with his father to resolve the issue, something they’d rather not do because of the negative publicity and above all it’ll crash Asad’s ego, that he couldn’t rein in his wife.

Baba too would be hurt that he didn’t train his daughter well else come what may, she would stay at her husband’s house.

I peeped into the key hole and watched the drama, Asad’s Father was inaudible but I heard Baba and Asad clearly, he was really bashed for beating up his pregnant wife though he tried to defend himself, his head hung low. Even his father was against him, it was just farce, for I could remember the countless times Baba beat mama mercilessly most times she would end up in the hospital. Asad’s father was not innocent either, his youngest wife had a scar on her forehead which is rumoured to have been given by him, how could they now reprimand another person for doing same thing. Immediately after they Left Baba called me and mama to the study.

‘Raliyah didn’t you teach her the norms?’ He barked. Mama was silent, her face betraying no emotion.

Dont ever run away from your husband’s house again, and if you decide to , don’t you dare step foot in my house, unless with your husband. If you do so you and your mother will leave this house forever.’ He said furiously.

I was shell shocked, where is the love, or is it that his reputation was much more important, Mama was silent as usual, no words, no emotions to hint what she could be feeling inside. That evening Asad came to get me, we drove home in silence each buried in our own thoughts. But he changed drastically after that incident, he grew ruthless.

Time passed, I had my baby, a son whom Asad named after himself as Asad junior, we were happy, then some years on I had a set of twins two lovely girls, Shazia and Nazia then another son, Amir.

Asad’s perfect image was tainted by his temper which rose up fiercely like the ocean in storm, its waves hitting the rocks mercilessly and sometimes he’d cool down and be so calm like clear skies, and the love in his eyes for me diminished gradually like an ember loosing its life and gradually turning to ash.

Our lives became what you would call “complicated”, many a times we’d be happy especially if I was expecting a baby, but more times I had to see Asad’s dark side for menial issues, like leaving the room in mess, or messing with Asad’s things. He could fire a worker because of dust, he was overly obsessed about cleanliness.

He grew very authoritative, his demands was that I obeyed him always, at first I refused to be subdued, but as time passed and Asad battery was becoming too much and I had nowhere to turn to I had no option but to bend to his will.

My only source of solace came from foreign trips, shopping and cruising in expensive cars, even at that there are times I’d feel something was missing, something I couldn’t place my hand on.

My friend Tanveer was throwing herself a birthday bash. Tanveer is one person you cant make a mistake around, she’d broadcast you, even CNN is not as fast as she was, whenever she was not there people referred to her as AL Jazeera. Also do not offend Tanveer else you would have to pay in ten folds what you did, no one escalates a matter in the way Tanveer does, and don’t ever dress lightly to a party organized by Tanveer, you just have to look your best. She is Al Jazeera after all.

Well I was dressing for Tanveer’s party, I wore a rose colored dress with a crazy slit, we’d dress any how to our parties, it was usually just us ladies. After dressing I realized my ruby ear ring was missing, I had no other option but that one, besides my ruby never goes missing it’s in the wardrobe, so I surfed through my things, I got careless and I must have strewn my clothes around the room. In my haste to make a grand entrance at Tanveer’s party with ears and necks shimmering with Ruby I forgot to tell Ladi to clean up the mess I did.

I came back home at around 12:30 am in the morning, I met Asad in our living room with a stern face, And I just knew something must go wrong tonight, timidly I walked inside, I had grown to fear Asad.

‘Stop there, what time is it.’ He asked cooly.

’12:30 am.’ I said glancing at my Chris aire watch.

Is it the time for a married woman to come back home, Is that what you were thought by your parents.’


‘Asad please you don’t have to bring my parents into this.’


‘Really, why shouldn’t I, tell me.’ He said getting up and advancing towards me, I moved back but soon I was backed up against the wall. He dragged me by my hand to the room, lo and behold my mess.

You know I cant tolerate such things, yet you still do it, is it to torture me he snarled.’ By then I was shaking with fear.


With force he hurled me down and I fell in the pile of my own clothes, I cursed him, he bent over and gave me a dirty slap, the force of the slap rammed my body against a stool or something, when I recovered from the shock, I got up and slapped him back, well that did it for I woke up in Nia the following day with Ladi by my side watching Africa magic

I was in the OBGYN ward, I had a miscarriage. That was my first but not the last, as I have woken twice more to the same environment and the same story.

Now its time to change the script

July 2013


Its been 3 weeks since I was discharged from the hospital and everything is very much the same, Asad going about his business like I didn’t exist.


Later that day Ladi was oiling my hair, when we heard a ruckus being created downstairs, I asked Ladi to check, I waited when she didn’t return I went to see for my self.


There were two men in white robes and and red ribbons around their waist, with white flabby caps they were running around sprinkling water and ringing bells in my compound. They had 2 policemen with them, the gate men and the workers were trying to stop them but they were intimidated by the men in police uniforms.

‘What is going on?’ I asked the policemen.

We were called.’


‘By whom?’

‘Ma’am we understand you are a victim of domestic abuse.’ They said with out bothering to answer my question.

‘What, who authorized you to come and say this rubbish here?’ if you dont leave my premises I’ll make sure you don’t wear that uniform again.’ I said.

‘Ma’am we understand you’re afraid.’

I was puzzled, what the hell was going on, who gave these filthy men the gods to come to my house.

Just then the men wringing the hand bells and running in circles came and circled me, they chanted, while moving round, and sprayed water on me

‘You shall be delivered in God’s name, the devil shall fail.’ They said.

I felt I was being assaulted, I covered my ears with hand shut my eyes, stop I screamed.

The police men watched amused, I saw when I opened my eyes, they were enjoying the show.

Just then Lami walked in, Lami happened to be my “frenemy”, we’ve had tiffs but I couldn’t remember the last time I saw her.

‘Ladidi, I asked them to come pray for you.’ She said an evil smile playing on her lips.


‘Because you need prayers.’

‘Ask them to stop.’I screamed.

Ok,’ she said cooly, she lifted her hand gave a wave and they were gone.


‘Why did you do that?’ I questioned panting my hands on my chest.

‘To help you.’ She was glowing from the pleasure she derived from my humiliation.

‘What for?’

‘We all know why you visit Nia once in a while.’



‘Remember what happened at the Safina’s lauchning, consider this a payback.’ I couldn’t remember what happened.


She smiled and walked out, I had the urge to tell her to watch her back, as I was going to deal with her but I refrained. Something will surely hit Lami, but it will be what and when she least expected.


I laughed, as I mentally checked the list of people on my strike back list. Hmmm lami became no 3 no 1&2 is still Asad and his mistress whose identity is still unknown.

I went back, ignoring the stares of my servants, they had just witnessed my humiliation, well they just have to witness lami’s own too. I had an an appointment by noon. I was going to see Nafisa. She happens to be a crucial part of my vengeance plan.

I set out, appreciating glances of admiration from onlookers as I cruised in Asad’s Bentley muslanne.

I wandered why Abhas and Nafisa chosen to stay in Gwarinpa when they could afford a house any where, my major problem with the area is keke napep, they crowded the road and you get the feeling of driving through a rural area.

I saw Nafisa outside watering her beautiful garden. She dropped the hose or whatever she was holding, removed her gloves and wiped her hands on her apron.

‘Ladidi.’ She exclaimed like she hadn’t seen me for years.

I answered back in sarcasm and called her name in high pitch too.

Nafisa,’she rushed over to hug me, she stopped abruptly, like she saw something scary.

We went inside, she served me drinks, and sat opposite me like she didn’t want her body to have any contact whatsoever with me.

‘How is Asad and the kids?’

‘They are fine I suppose.’

‘You suppose.’

Yes, I haven’t seen them today.’


I asked after my brother and the kids. She told they were in school. Her Tv set was tunned to Ztv. We talked about the serials we watched.

I noticed the family pictures, they were all smiling unlike us who had serious expression, ‘how come Abhas is different from us?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know.’ She answered.

Maybe because he met you.’ I said and Nafisa blushed, seriously she was blushing because I mentioned Abhas.


After beating around the bush I came to the point.

‘Nafisa,’ I began not sure if I should continue and just pretend I actually came to see her.

‘Hmmm.’ She prompted.

‘You see, I want Asad to love me the way Abhas loves you, so if you can tell me the secret.’

Ladidi why did you think there’s a secret?’


‘What else could it be?’, I asked.

‘Can’t he just love me?’

I gave her strange look, ‘Nafisa with that protruding teeth and large feet that seem to be bigger than Adnan’s.’ Adnan has the biggest feet ever.

She shifted uncomfortably and looked away, maybe I saw a glint of tears in her eyes and somehow I felt bad, though am not used to apologizing I wanted to badly.

She smiled, I felt relieved I didn’t know what I would do if she started crying though it was unlikely that Nafisa would cry.


‘So you’re asking for my help Ladidi.’ She put so much emphasis on the “DI”.

‘Yes.’ I said shifting uncomfortably.

Just then her kids burst into the house like detonated bomb, they gave me a chorused greeting.

They jumped on Nafisa, she hugged and she pecked them on the cheeks, they bombarded her with tales,

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