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Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 7



Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 13

Revenge Of The Uneducated Episode 7 – No one here can stoop so low to steal even it fell of your wrist.’I said.

‘Maybe there is someone, the one who stooped that low to lie about her schooling.’

She took her phone and called the police, yes Tanveer had police men outside I insisted for safety.

‘Lami was ambushed as she was about to leave the party. ‘Please we have to check you ma’am.’ The police men said to Lami.

What who authorised you?’ She was trying to salvage the little dignity she had left.

did.’ Tanveer said appearing from their back, she had already made a fuss and people were looking at Lami hoping to find out what was going on.


‘Why?’ Lami said holding her bag tight.


‘Just oblige.’ Tanveer said in an icy tone

Her bag was taken and she was frisked, the bangle was found in her bag by then everyone had gathered Tanveer blew the matter out of proportion and orderd the arrest of Lami for theft and she was handcuffed and led out disgracefully, she was crying and begging for mercy from Tanveer but she didn’t budge, Infact she would broadcast it to everyone by morning Lami most definitely wont be able to show her face anywhere by the time Tanveer was through with her. I went to her


‘You actually stole, but not from Tanveer.’ I said and showed a glimpse of the Identical piece.

Her eyes widened. ‘Ladidi you.’


‘Yes me, when you’re out of jail you can come along with your prayer warriors plus I invited your FGGC sweetheart Ramatu’ I met her at Hajara saloon.’ I said with a smile of fulfillment on my face, I like to punish people who mess with me, but not directly, I prefer to just create the circumstances, she was dragged out and Tanveer apologized to everyone and the party continued.

They say every dark cloud has a silver lining, may it should have been every silver lining comes with a dark cloud. I was living in cloud nine thinking I had my husband back after my hard work.

Somehow the flames of vengeance raging inside me had quelled, I thought I had a fistful of sky, then it turned to be a fistful of my illusions, the dream I wove all shattered.

My pillow is soaked all through with crying non stop, this pain is worse than being beaten black and blue, it eats me from the inside, waking the sleeping beast I had managed to calm down. It all began two weeks ago.

Asad came home and said he would be going on a two weeks business trip to Porthacourt, as a dutiful wife I helped in packing his bags which he lets me do now.

‘I’ll miss you’ I said hugging him from behind. He turned around and embraced me, kissing me on my lips, something we rarely did before.

‘I’ll miss you more but its just two weeks and I’ll miss you all through.’ He said.

I saw him off to car, he said he’ll go by road, strange but I didn’t bother. I was left at home alone pinning for my husband and having a good time with my kids.

I decided to check on Mama and see how she was coping since Najma has left. I met Sara, Noora and Nafisa there, we stayed a while then Nafisa and I excused our selves.

‘Nafisa am glad you gave me that advice, Asad has changed and we’re very happy now.’

‘Am glad you’re happy.’ She said in a downcast voice.

‘What’s wrong, you sound down.’

‘Abhas wants to marry another wife.’

‘What!!!’ I screamed.

‘Keep your voice down, he says he loves me all the same besides polygamy is not a crime buts its normal for me to feel sad.’

I looked at Nafisa she was a matrimonial model, the one with the perfect marriage now this, I hugged her and she cried, for the first it was me drying Nafisa’s tears.

On my way home I couldn’t fanthom the fact that Abhas could think of another woman apart from Nafisa, their love was like the epic story of king Edward VIII and wallis, he gave up his father’s wealth for her as the king abdicated his throne for Wallis for what seemed to the society a scandalous affair.

I drove into Jabi lake to clear my head, I walked by lakeside, then I caught a whiff of a familiar scent, the kind you recognized anywhere because you’re just familiar with it. I turned and saw Asad not too far from me, a woman by his side. He’s supposed to be in Porthacourt, what is he doing here that too with a woman. I remeber Mama lamenting that all men were the same disgusting animals that do not deserve to be loved.


Even if Asad was going to take a woman out did it have to be here so close to our house.

They stopped, he smiled at her, his heart melting smile and he kissed her, with the same mouth he used to kiss me that too in public. She turned her face, that was when my heart stopped she was no stranger, she was Nadia my friend, We had stopped communicating along the line.


She was now kissing my husband, could she have been the woman all along that kept Asad from me.

I walked back to my car and drove home and cried and cried until my tears dried out and I had banging headache, This time Asad must pay and Nadia her life will come crashing down like a pack of cards.


‘You’re threading on a dangerous path.’ Ghazali said leaning on his old Toyota camry, his eyes travelling down my body, the nerve of that illiterate.

‘That’s non of your business, just give me what I want.’ I snapped.

He thrusted a white bag at me, I took it and checked the contents it seemed complete. I dropped it in my car and flung a brown envelope to him, he caught it smoothly and peeped into it.

‘Euros, not bad!.’

‘Just get lost.’

‘Ladidi, if you or anyone else is caught with that stuff in or outside your body you’ll either go to jail or end up in a mental asylum.’ He said with seriousness.

‘When I need you again I’ll call you.’ I said and left.

Ghazali is a son to one of my father’s workers, we grew up in same vicinity and I knew he had a thing for me, from the way he always gazed at me. I looked at the bag, it contained what I’ll use to destroy Asad and Nadia. It could have been any other woman, but my best friend am sure he knew if I found out he would surely pay for it, stupid fellows

When I got home I cleaned out one of the rooms in the left wing, actually I had Ladi do it, when she left I emptied the contents of the white bag on the bed, I took a bottle labelled LSD and opened it, I smelt and I knew it was real.



I was about closing it when a loud honk interrupted me and it accidentally poured on my fingers, Asad was home, I hurriedly covered it, in my haste more poured on my feet and clothes.


I locked the door and went to the toilet to wash up.

watched as Asad feigned tiredness and filled me up with lies of the trip, this was the man I loved. He was sleeping with my supposed best friend.


‘You must be tired, though I’ve never been to Porthacourt by road I know it must be terribly far.’


‘It is, I really missed you.’ He said.


He went to take a shower and left his phone. Password protected his phone from the world but not me as I could hack it which I did and went through his messages and calls, they were constantly in touch and Nadia was Leila from all indications.


‘Hmmm dinner is delicious today Asad said as he carefully picked food from his plate in the Asad manner, which means perfection. ‘Did you cook it?’

Yes.’ I lied, Mr kweke had made it.


I sat opposite Asad and we eat,


‘Sahiba is calling you.’He said passing my phone which I forgot by his side while serving to me, I got up and quickly collected the phone.


‘Hey who is this Sahiba getting you all jittery.’


‘My friend , am supposed to go see her tomorrow.’ I lied.

Who is she?’


‘You don’t know her.’


He looked up, ‘how?’ He asked, cause we existed in a small circle where Asad knows virtually everyone I knew cause it had to be someone who was something in the society.


‘She’s Tanveer’s cousin, we attended the same high school.’ I lied again.


‘Okay at least pick her call.’ He said pointing at the phone that was still ringing.

Okay.’ I said and excused myself. Despite the air conditioning I felt hot as I walked to the balcony praying Asad does not notice my agitation.


‘Ghazali I told you not to call, you did, that too several times are you out of your mind, my husband is home.’


‘Ladidi you a smart woman, am sure you can get around Asad.’


‘Get to the point.’


‘Your second consignment is ready, peace park 2pm sharp.’

It’s too open, can’t it be somewhere a little more private.’ The line went dead.


‘Where is too open.’ Asad’s voice came from behind, I jolted but composed myself immediately.


‘The venue for our party.’ I lied yet again.


‘That’s all you ladies ever do.’ He said jokingly.


‘Well if someone is earning the money someone has to spend it.’ I added jokingly too.

At 1:55pm, under the hot blazing sun I was at peace park, I had come by a taxi and dressed down to camouflage but any one who knew me would have easily recognized me.


At exactly 2pm Ghazali appeared from no where. ‘I said 2pm not 1:55.’ He said startling me.


‘Does it matter?’ I snapped, he shrugged and handed me the keys to a brand new toyota venza.


‘That one he said pointing towards the direction of a new car. ‘What ever you’re doing my hands are out.’ He warned

Don’t worry, here is your balance.’I said and handed him a leather bag filled with dollars, his ugly face turned into a smile.


‘That will take care of about everything.’ I said and headed towards the direction of the new car.




Since I discovered Asad and Nadia I have been stalking them, I even rented a flat in the estate where Nadia stayed so I could monitor them well, that was where I parked the venza which I use to follow them whenever they went out, when I took the venza A gun was in the glove compartment as part of the consignment.


Asad frequented the place, sometimes I’d call to hear him lie that he was in a meeting. I sent visa applications to 4 different embassies, all that I either did in the house close to Nadia’s or in the spear room in our left wing.

Now I was seating patiently waiting for Asad and Nadia to leave as they usually did at this time, so I can get into the house and start my job.


Finally they left, wonder why he’s always taking her out.


As soon as they left, I walked over to the house confidently using the back door and the key that Ghazali gave me and I got in.


I have never been there, even when we were friends, she was always the one visiting me, I never cared to know about her. Her house was beautiful in a cheap way, am sure she would assume she was living an expensive life with all the money Asad must be paying her for using her body, but all I could see was filth and cheap.


I went to her bedroom, it has to be for the other room had no bed, if they had to do it, it has to be on a bed, the room was very tidy, it showed signs of Asad as everything was in perfect order. I carefully rummaged through her things, her closet was filled with cheap clothing and I wondered if Asad was paying her enough or he was his usual stingy self

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